Exercises Man

exercises man
exercises man
exercises man

Are you looking for exercises for man? Here are some advices and examples.



A common mistake when a man exercises is that they loose the technique because they are lifting to heavy. It is better to know the technique and than gradually increase weights.  But also challenge yourself, try heavier than you usually take and try how many you can do without doing it wrong. 


You don't have to fear aerobic or cardio exercises. It will not prevent the muscle growth if you don't mix hard cardio with muscle building exercises. Instead you can do the cardio in the morning and the weight lifting later on the day. 

Cardio is good because it will increase your lung capacity, make your heart strong, reduce stress and risk of heart attack, diabetes and other diseases. It will give you better sleep and more endorphins. 

At the gym you can do cardio with all the machines for warming up, also by kettlebells, step ups, interval training and box jumps. If you do squats and lunges in a high tempo with weights it will also increase your heart rate. Do outdoor cardio such as running, hiking, cycling, or sports such as tennis, soccer or boxing. You can also do a group class like spinning, kickboxing or aerobic.


The abs is the muscles in your stomach. You have muscles in the front, side and on the middle of your abdomen. If you want to uncover the abs by loosing belly fat, there is a lot of different exercises to do. It is also good for your back to have strong abs, and to help your posture which is an advantage in almost every muscle building exercise. Read more here

You can do a traditional crunch by lying down on the floor, lift your shoulders from the floor while contracting the abs and then lower and repeat. You can also do this with your legs straight up in the air. You can also do the bicycle or the plank. 


A common way to exercise the chest is by push-ups. Begin on all fours, with your hand shoulder-width apart, and your palms flat to the ground. Extend the legs so you are resting on your toes, contract your core and bend your elbows and lower your body until your nose touches the ground. Push yourself back to starting position. If you want to have more difficult push ups, do them on your fists or have your feet on a ball. For more chest exercises, look here


Example of arm muscle you can exercise is the biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists. 
Exercise your biceps by doing a curl with a barbell. Keep your elbows to your side, have a barbell with weights in your hands with your palms facing you. Curl the hands to your chest and then lower slowly until you reach starting position. For more arm exercises, look here


It is important to have a strong back and strong glutes. The glutes are located on the thigh and you exercise them in almost every movement you do. If you do cardio you will automatically exercise the glutes, but you can also do squats, lunges and deadlifts. Remember to have a good posture while doing them. 

The back is important to exercise man, because it is very common to have back pain and to exercise the back may increase or prevent this pain. It will also help you to keep a good posture, in life and when you do other exercises. Exercise your back by a plank, hip extension or a Superman.